Offend the indefensible

Recently there’s been what I believe is called a furore over comments made by Jeremy Clarkson about striking public service workers, see, if you’ve lived under rock, here This split viewers and commentators alike in to 3 broad camps; those that hated it and felt he should be admonished, those that disliked it, but felt […]

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Oh behave!

After discussing, albeit briefly, the experiences of a parent being supported during a difficult time with their daughter, I was reminded, yet again, of how little is properly understood by some professionals about behavioural management, or how poorly communicated their thoughts are to parents. The starting point of any decision about how to intervene in […]

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I’m a Learning Disability Nurse working with children in England. My blogs therefore concentrate on Disability issues; there’s a lot changing, good and bad, and also ongoing factors affecting people with learning disabilities and those who support them, that I feel strongly about. I’m 45, married and have 3 children. Also, unlike Dr Who, I’m ginger.